Industry 4.0 standard deploy IoT to make big revolution in all most all kinds of industries and there is a forecast saying that around 50 Billion connected devices will be in the world by 2020. This programme will help participants to learn the principles associated with the design and building IoT and VR projects based on Arduino and Single Board Computer Raspberry Pi.

It also helps the participants to get hands on experience in embedded system design for IoT and VR applications and facilitates the integration and interaction with heterogeneous components, including physical, mobile and virtual ones. It also helps initiate research guided and assessed by the users in multidisciplinary areas as end user driven experiments. The participants will be exposed to various topics including Embedded System Design for IoT Nodes and Gateways with hardware platforms Arduino and Raspberry Pi and software platforms like Embedded C, Python and Node-RED with wired and wireless Ethernet and BlueTooth Smart. Various Protocols for loT like  Infrastructure protocol (IPV4/V6|RPL), Identification (URLs), Transport (Wi-Fi, BLE), Service Discovery, Data Protocols, Device Management Protocols etc. are also covered. Integration of IoT devices with Web Server and Cloud with Data Analytics.

Introduction to VR- VR components and Architecture – Sample VR application. AR vs. VR – AR components and Architecture – Sample AR application and Case Study.

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