As a decennial amenity a multi-purpose auditorium with a capacity of 1500. It is envisaged as a multi-purpose sports complex and hall can accommodate under basketball court and shuttle court. In addition it is provided with gymnasium for boys and girls and other indoor games.



Gymnasium is set up in the Men’s Hostel and Ladies Hostel with state of the art equipment.



Sports facilities are provided to the students under the Professor of Physical education. We have facilities for indoor and outdoor activities. Indoor facilities are provided for Table Tennis, Chess and Caroms. Outdoor facilities are provided for Volleyball, Basketball, football, cricket, shuttle Badminton and athletics. With the commissioning of the auditorium indoor basketball and shuttle court also will be functioning.


Language Lab

A Language Lab with 30 computers has been installed to improve the communication skills of the students. During their period of study in the college, compulsory classes for communication would be conducted. This lab is being installed to improve the style and skill of both written and oral communication of the students, which is essential for the placements.


Seminar Halls

Fully equipped Seminar Halls are available in all departments. Each one is provided with an LCD projector, audio system and laptop.



The college canteen which is functioning in the college campus provides all the delicious food / snacks at a highly subsidized rate. It can accommodate 200 students at a time. Evening fast food counter is provided for the benefit of hostlers.


Central Computer and Internet Facility

Central Computer and Internet Facility cater to the computing requirements of the institution. There are 700 Personal computers in the Institution. The central computer centre is equipped with 13 high end servers for various applications with UPS. There are three different networks existing in the college campus- one for Academic purpose, one for Administration and one for NPTEL video lectures and Intranet. Academic network connects all the computer labs in various departments. The networks support licensing of various softwares, Database, Internet, Intranet, CCNA Class, and various projects. Administrative network connects all departments, HOD’s, Faculty rooms and provide administrative data exchange. Intranet provides access to the students from various departments and library and seminar halls and main library. They can view the NPTEL or other video lectures given by eminent professors from IIT and other reputed institutions on various subjects. It also gives access to lecture notes, question bank of all subjects according to the syllabus. The central computing facility is located in the Administrative block. The working hour of the Central Computing Lab is from 8:30 AM to 10 PM and it is open on all days. The Centre is connected to Internet through a 10 Mbps leased line internet connection of BSNL, which is distributed to 100 terminals in the campus. At the user end, personal computers are connected to the servers through Ethernet switches and structured cabling system. Optic Fiber Connectivity is used for campus networking. Database automation software is used to integrate and automate the administrative and academic activities of the college. Mohandas college of Engineering & Technology has become a part of the Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance. The MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) is a special program to provide academic institutions, faculty, and students in the curriculum areas of Computer Science, Engineering, and Information Systems to make it easier and less expensive to acquire Microsoft developer tools, platforms, and servers for instructional and research purposes.

Smart Classrooms

As a first step in making the classrooms as smart classrooms each department is provided with a movable LCD projector along with a laptop which can be used in the classes.


College Buses 

There are eighteen college buses which ply through the city and suburbs to the campus. They ply through different routes covering Attingal in north, Thiruvallam in south, Pettah in the west and Balaramapuram in east. There will be an additional bus which will leave the campus at 5.30 PM for those who are staying back for attending sports, library/computer centre.


Reprographic Centre

The reprographic centre is attached to the college library. Students can take photocopies of reference chapters from books / textbooks / magazines and question papers for the academic purpose.


Documentation Centre

The documentation centre is a central facility situated the Computer Science and IT department.
The facilities provided are
i) RISO Graph
ii) Colour Laser Printer
iii) Laser Printer
iv) Line Matrix printer
v) ID card Printer
vi) Kyocera – High volume photo copying and printing machine
vii) Spiral binding equipment
viii) ID card printer
From here the students can take printouts for academic purpose.


Canara bank Anad Branch is functioning inside the campus. The bank operates from 10 am to 3:30PM during normal working days and from 10 am to 1:00PM noon on Saturdays. However students will be permitted to use the bank between 11:15 AM and 1:15PM only. Arrangements have been made with the bank to receive Tuition fees, University fees etc, in addition to other banking transactions.