1. Aravind Krishnan V , Mr. Manu Asok, Mr. Navneeth R and Mr. Aravind J.L. of S4 Mechanical got third prize in Digital Forensics at Amrita School of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore.
  2. Aromal A.L. got 2nd prize in Group Dance, 2nd Freshers solo and 1st prize in short story in Arts Day event at MCET.
  3. Aravind J L of S4 got 1st Prize in Keyboard solo , 1st Prize in Instrumental Group in Arts day event 2018 of MCET.
  4. Prasoon Krishnan of S6 Mechanical got 2nd Prize in Short film in Yagna Dhruva.
  5. Athul J. and Mr. Bharath Sheshadri of s6 Mechanical got 2nd Prize in Binger Quiz at Yagna dhruva.
  6. Bharath Sheshadri of S6 Mechanical got 2nd Prize in Cricket Quiz in Ivanofest and 2nd prize for Cricket Auction at Cult Away.
  7. Ananthakrishnan A got 1st prize for Clay Modelling in Arts Fest of MCET and 3rd Prize in Painting in Arts Fest of MCET.
  8. Azhar Muhammed N R , Mr Vishnu M , Mr . Krishnan S, MrVishnu G L, Mr.Gokul B secured first prize in National Tech Fest held at NIRD, Hyderabad.
  9. Sandeep Sarvan of S8 ME secured first prize in poetry writing, 1st prize in Dumb sharades, 2nd prize in Elecution in Arts Fest of MCET.
  10. Sangeeth Suresh of S8 ME secured 2nd prize in Group Dance, 3rd prize in Step and Synchro in Arts Fest of MCET, 2nd prize in funny steps in Arts competition held at Ace College of Engineering.
  11. Adithyan P of S8 Me got 2nd prize in 4×100 m relay in sports day of MCET and 3rd prize in funny steps at Ace college.