• Funded Projects

 The Final year student project titled “Design of a water disinfection system using silver and copper nanoparticle impregnated coconut shell waste carbon” proposed by a team of students from BT& BCE, department acquired appreciation from various parts of the country. Decontamination of drinking water by making use of raw materials, which are available in abundance, is the prime objective of the project. A synergetic system capable of adsorption as well as destruction of microbial organism is envisaged. The inspiration behind this project is the sense of responsibility towards the society as citizens in general and biotechnologists in particular. The outcome of this project can be linked to the post-flood activities in Kerala.

  1. The project has been selected for funding by Kerala Technological University (KTU) – Centre for Engineering Research and Development (CERD), under the scheme ‘CERD Student Project 2018’.
  2. The team has also bagged second position in the idea presentation – ‘The Conclave’, which is the flagship event of Drishti, the annual technical festival of College of Engineering, Trivandrum. The theme for the year 2018 was “Engineers for society”.
  3. This accomplishment has paved way to the direct entry to ‘Idea Day’ by Kerala Startup Mission as well as ‘Smart India Hackathon-2019’ by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) – (Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).
  4. The project is also nominated for the ‘Social Innovative Award – AAROHAN-19’, by Infosys.
  5. The team members are Ms. Shilpa K Nayana, Ms. Akhila Krishnan C and Ms. Shilpa Raj S, final year students of Department of Bio-Technology and Bio-chemical Engineering (BT&BCE), Dr. K M Usha, HOD, Dept. of BT&BCE is the Principal Investigator and Smt. S S Shijina, Assistant Professor is the co-investigator of the project.

Details of project funded by Science & Technology

  1. Final year student project entitled ‘Design and Fabrication of a cost effective combined Food- Plastic Waste Treatment System’ has been selected for funding by KSCSTE under KSCSTE- innovate 2019 (BCE 8/246/INNOVATE/2019). The project proposes a solution to tackle the solid waste management issues of the state by designing a reactor which could be used to treat mixed MSW( food, plastic, paper etc) at low cost and optimum efficiency.

The team members are Farhana Saleem, Amrutha Das and Amal M Poduval, students eighth semester BT & BCE, Ms. Shijina S S, Assistant Professor, BT & BCE is the Principal Investigator.

  1. Final year student project entitled ‘Refining of used Engine Oil using Solvent Extraction and Clay Treatment’ has been selected for funding by KSCSTE under KSCSTE- innovate 2019(BCE2/86/INNOVATE/2019). The project proposes a novel and cheap method for the refining of used engine oil and the product is virgin mineral oil which could be reused as engine oil after mixing with suitable additives.

The team members are Shilpa Fernandez, Haritha V R and Gayathri V S, students eighth semester BT & BCE, Ms. Swetha A, Assistant Professor, Bt & BCE is the Principal Investigator.

University Rank Holders

  1. Akshaya SS        –    2nd Semester BT&BCE
  2. Krishnendu KK –     2nd Semester BT&BCE
  3. Ghilky Paulson  –    6th  Semester BT&BCE