NAAC Accreditation

MCET applied for accreditation by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), an autonomous body under University Grants Commission (UGC) which accredits all colleges across India. As part of accreditation process the college submitted a detailed 450 page Self Study Report (SSR) to NAAC.

The Peer team from NAAC visited the college during November 3-5, 2016 and conducted a detailed evaluation of the college and its facilities on a 7 point criteria. The Peer team consisted of four eminent persons – Prof.H P Khincha from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore as Chairman of team, Dr.Rhymend Uthariaraj, from Anna University as Member Coordinator, Dr.Surendra Kumar from Banaras Hindu University and Dr.Varinder Sahni from Sant Longwall University, Punjab as Members. At the end of the visit the Peer team submitted an assessment report to NAAC.

Based on the report submitted by the NAAC Peer team, NAAC has awarded Accreditation to our college. The accreditation is valid for 5 years from 02-12-2016.