Mohandas College of Engineering & Technology

The Measurement and Instrumentation Lab is set with various transducers, resistive, capacitive and inductive measurement systems, RTDs and thermistors, Spot deflection Galvanometer, and Bridge circuits. The lab also contains many basic measuring instruments including digital stopwatches, magnetic measurement kit, digital multimeters, energy meter, IC tester, dual power supplies, standard cells and digital oscilloscopes. The lab helps the students to gain hands on experience in different types of measurement and instrumentation systems.

Events @ MCET
  • Indoor basketball court and gym Inaguration
  • MCET’s World education day rally at Anad
  • Secretary, Madam Rani Mohandas Inaugurating zero gravity 2015
  • A Snap from inaugural ceremony of Illiminati’14
  • Shri. G. Mohandas, Chairman MCET presenting colloquium proceedings to Dr.Achuthsankar.S Nair
  • Students performing a patriotic dance on Arts day celebrations
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