Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at MCET was started in the academic year 2004-05 with the introduction of B. Tech course in Electrical & Electronics Engineering affiliated to Kerala university. The postgraduate course in ‘Power Systems’ affiliated to Kerala university with an intake of 18 was commenced in 2012. The course encompasses in depth study on various power system aspects including power generation, transmission, distribution, computer based power system analysis, operation& control of power system, power system dynamics, digital protection along with the recent advances such as FACTS, power quality and re-structuring. The course also includes stream and departmental electives in thrust area of power system studies along with breadth topics offered as interdisciplinary electives.

Excellent academic ambiance, environment conducive for research, well qualified and experienced faculty with doctorate and specialization in power system, control system, power electronics, industrial drives, faculty with experience from Industry/ research organization, quality laboratory facilities, central and department level library with a collection of advanced books, access to e-journals are beneficial assurances for MCET.
Special attention has been taken in developing the various laboratories/workshop in the department ensuring compliance to the university syllabus and timely updating them in accordance with the syllabus revision. The lab facilities are also being modernized and extended to support the student projects and research initiatives for practical realization of their theoretical concepts. Our labs are

1. Electrical Workshop
The workshop is adequately equipped with the equipments and accessories for conducting practical classes in domestic electrical wiring, industrial installation and testing practices. The lab provides facilities for with the familiarization of electronic systems with Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO), Bread board connections, PCBs and Soldering practice.

2. Measurements and Instrumentation Lab
The Measurement and Instrumentation Lab is set with various transducers, resistive, capacitive and inductive measurement systems, RTDs and thermistors, Spot deflection Galvanometer, and Bridge circuits. The lab also contains many basic measuring instruments including digital stopwatches, magnetic measurement kit, digital multimeters, energy meter, IC tester, dual power supplies, standard cells and digital oscilloscopes. The lab helps the students to gain hands on experience in different types of measurement and instrumentation systems.

3. Electrical Machines lab
The electrical machines laboratory is outfitted with multiple numbers of branded DC series/ shunt /compound machines, three phase / single phase transformers, autotransformer, cage /slip ring Induction machines and salient/cylindrical pole synchronous machines, pole changing motor, MG set, Induction generator and brushless DC motor. The lab facilities enable students to acquire knowledge on behavior of these machines and performance estimation though predetermination and load tests.

4. Electronic Circuits Lab
The Electronic Circuits Lab is enabled with equipments for conducting a wide range of experiments to train students on fundamentals as well as advanced electronic circuits and applications. It includes AC/DC power supplies, function generators, oscilloscopes, and digital trainer kits for the circuits, IC testers, and digital multimeters.

5. Power Electronics Lab
The Power Electronics Lab is functional with digital power supplies; bridge converter with control circuitry, modules of MOSFET, SCR, IGBT based inverter with control circuitry. It enables students to contain study of various power devices and conduct experiments on AC phase control, various triggering circuits for choppers and converter based motor control.

6. Power Systems Lab
The Power Systems Lab is operational with power frequency AC/DC high voltage test set (100 kV DC/250 kV AC), sphere gap /rod gap assembly, impulse generator (3stage 300kV,3kJ), solid state relay test sets, electromechanical relay test set, single phase/three phase energy meter test kit, transformer oil testing set(60kV), cable testing equipment, earth resistance testing equipment, solid insulation test equipment(30kV),power system simulation software ‘ETAP’,PSCAD and ‘MATLAB’ with power system package. The lab acquaints students with advanced concepts in power system transmission, distribution, equipment testing and protection. A power system trainer with a Transmission line simulator to demonstrate the fault clearing process on transmission line is a new addition to the power system lab. This arrangement includes hardware and software arrangements to simulate and examine the abnormal condition occurring in power system and the demonstration of protection schemes in power system which provides a great insight on power system operation to postgraduate students.

7. Systems and Control Lab
The Systems and Control Lab is equipped with stepper motor controller, servo motors(AC/DC), real time temperature controller, level and flow process controller, LVDT, magnetic amplifier, synchro transmitter-receiver trainer, PID controller, process simulator and digital oscilloscopes. The intention of this lab is to introduce the fundamentals of various process control systems.