Considering the current and future demands in the area of control systems engineering , Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering at Mohandas College of Engineering and Technology, Anad, is offering a new PG course on Control Systems, with an objective to provide adequate theoretical and practical experience in analysis, design and development of Control systems. This course deals with the state of the art techniques in system-level modeling, analysis, design, integration and realization of control structures applicable in different areas of engineering.
The course is affiliated to Kerala Technological University with an intake of 18 and will commence from academic year 2015-16. The course covers advanced topics in control like Optimization techniques, nonlinear control design, Digital control systems, Flight dynamics as well as Industrial automation and other relevant topics..
Department is equipped with well qualified and experienced faculty, with specialization in control systems, Instrumentation, power electronics, industrial drives etc. They impart education using classical and modern techniques.. Modern laboratory facilities exist in the Department .
Good library systems exist at central and department levels and are stocked with a collection of both basic and advanced books on the subject.. Access to e-journals provides up- to -date information on progress made in the field of Control engineering and systems. The Department provides an excellent academic ambiance conducive for research