The Department of ECE offers 4 semester course in M.Tech Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering with an intake of 18 students.Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering has succeeded beyond all expectations in making a mark in the life of modern man. This course provides students with sound theoretical & practical training in the operation and design of electronic instruments, digital logic systems, and computer based automatic process control etc. During the studies, the focus is on more advanced electives such as Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, Nano Electronics, Neuro Fuzzy Systems, Computer Vision, Computer aided design of Control Systems, PWM Schemes for Power Converters, RF MEMS Circuit Design etc. Apart from the course work, students are trained in Matlab, micro-controller and embedded systems. To meet the industrial requirements of future, students are also made to become well versed with personal computer applications in instrumentation, process control system design, PLCs, Microprocessors experimentation, Industrial Electronics & applications, and Virtual instrumentation.

The demand for Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineers is growing rapidly and job opportunities for post graduate are multi-faceted. They can work as Manufacturing Engineers in MNCs (like Toshiba, Cannon, Sony, LG, Samsung, and Philips), Quality Controller, Research, Design & Development Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Teachers.

Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineers are employed by companies that manufacture and sell electronic test equipment, process control equipment and field instruments as well as companies that use process control systems in their manufacturing process.