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This lab is concerned with various modes of heat transfer and mass transfer and the experiments regarding it. This course will help students to develop and use a significant range of science and engineering skills, techniques and practices in heat transfer and mass transfer. The lab is equipped with experimental setups such as solid liquid extraction, double pipe heat exchanger, emissivity apparatus, vertical and horizontal condenser, simple steam distillation, liquid-liquid extraction in packed bed column, thermal conductivity of metal rod, batch rectification in a sieve plate distillation column, forced draft tray drier, forced convection apparatus, natural convection apparatus, thermal conductivity of liquids, vapor liquid equilibrium, heat transfer through lagged pipe, shell and tube heat exchanger, batch crystallizer, mass transfer in wetted wall column, simple distillation, heat transfer in agitated vessel, vertical and horizontal condenser.

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  • Indoor basketball court and gym Inaguration
  • MCET’s World education day rally at Anad
  • Secretary, Madam Rani Mohandas Inaugurating zero gravity 2015
  • A Snap from inaugural ceremony of Illiminati’14
  • Shri. G. Mohandas, Chairman MCET presenting colloquium proceedings to Dr.Achuthsankar.S Nair
  • Students performing a patriotic dance on Arts day celebrations
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