The department started in 2005 offers MCA degree. This six semester Programme in Computer Applications provides an extensive coverage of the latest IT curriculum. Ideally suited to the student who wants to make a career in the fast growing IT Industry. On successful completion of the MCA Programme, a candidate will have numerous job opportunities in India and abroad. The postgraduate programmme offers the students ample opportunities to contribute to the development of new technology in this exciting field.

The department offers a practical orientation to computer applications, access to world class research, a congenial, accessible faculty and an active student population. As a college department, we support high-quality education and training to encourage department thinking and initiative. Close ties are maintained with researchers with computational interests in other universities both inside the country and abroad. Further both faculty and students work with investigators at nearby research and industrial organizations to keep pace with fast challenging trends in this area and to get acquainted with the needs of industry.

Labs in Department of MCA

  1. Programming in C Lab
  2. Microprocessor Lab
  3. Data Structures Lab
  4. Object oriented Programming lab
  5. DBMS Lab
  6. Java Programming lab
  7. Computer graphics lab
  8. Web Application lab
  9. Application programming for mobile devices
  10. Mini Project