The College has a Counseling Centre to help the students out of their problems. Since the students are from different culture, religion, languages and financial backgrounds, some students may need counseling to develop them selves. The Counseling Centre is a student support service intended to help students to adapt and make the best of their learning environment. It is common knowledge that when the students have problems that are unsolved, it reflects in their attendance, academic performance and ultimately with their personality development.

The objective of the Centre is to provide counseling in an accessible and student focused environment, keeping in mind the unique needs of the student community. Counseling is offered in an un-conditional, non-judgmental and confidential manner to the students walking in seeking help with personal and academic difficulties.

The Centre therefore provides a nurturing environment where each student empowered to face life challenges and move ahead to achieve their academic goals. The counseling is done by an efficient counselor; the students may contact the counseling centre directly or through their Staff advisors. Parents can also contact the counselor with regard to any concern they may have about their ward.