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The club activities for S1S2 students for the academic year 2014 – 15 commenced on   18.08.2014   .The different clubs were formed to enhance the extracurricular skill of the students. The clubs are namely Paper presentation, quiz club, debate club (Compulsory clubs), and music club. dance club, drama club, literary club, reading club, painting club, software , videography , photography and social service club(Optional clubs).The club hours were arranged as 7th hour of Day 1 ,Day 4 and Day 5.Compulsory club are conducted on all Day 1 for all branches and optional clubs were conducted on every day 4 and day 5

Paper Presentation Club
The paper presentation club conducted presentations for students. During club hours students were made to do a mock presentation on a range of subjects relevant to their course. The candidates are familiar with the procedures to be followed during a technical paper presentation and it should be submitted in an IEEE format

Quiz Club
In the first day freshers were given guidance on the conduct of quiz competitions in the college. Student representatives from each branch were selected. Students in charge from senior batches were selected.
At the beginning session, seniors were asked to conduct quiz for S1S2 batches under the supervision of the respective staff members allotted for each branch

Debate Club
A debate club is organized by MCET in every academic year for first year students. This will encourage the first year students to participate in debate competition on the arts festival.

Music Club
the students of this club have great passion for both vocal and instrumental music. A group was selected among them as a college band and their practice takes place every Fridays. The club hours were engaged by different staff members. During the club hours, different games and discussions on music were held. Music comprises of classical, contemporary, light, western etc depending on the choice of the students. On certain days, games like antakshari were played to entertain the students. Various workshops are conducted by famous music directors for the students during the last year.
Dance Club
Dance club aims to enhance their cultural skills in addition to academic skills. In dance clubs students were divided into different Indian forms, on which they had to give a brief introduction about the dance form. Various workshops are conducted by famous dancers for the students during the last year.

Drama Club
to improve acting skills in students, MCET organizes drama club in every academic year. Students from various branches had actively participated in the club activities.
Various workshops are conducted by eminent artists on acting, dialogue delivery and script writing during the last year.

Literary Club
A literary club is organized by MCET in every academic year to improve the literary skills in students.
It was an interactive session. There was active participation of students. The students were regularly given topics for essay writing & short story writing (in English, Malayalam, Hindi) & made to write on the given topics. Elocution, recitation & poetry writing in Malayalam & English were also conducted.

Painting Club
in each class they were given a theme to be exhibited by either pencil drawing or water colour painting.
During the last year, Mr.Sujith Chief Cartoonist from kerala kaumudy conducted workshop on Cartoon drawing. The students of the painting club organized an exhibition on Founders day.

Software Club
Software club is conducted to improve software skills in students. First year students from various branches are active members of this club. Training was given on MS Power Point as a starting phase. For handling the club, various software like Adobe Photoshop, Flash etc, were loaded. Student representatives from each branch were selected. Students in charge from senior batches were also selected for the proper functioning of the club.
A workshop was conducted for S3 students.

Photography Club
Photography Club of MCET conducted discussions based on the articles related to photography. The photos taken during various college events were shown to club members. Students took photos of various events conducted as part of Colloquium and Sports day. Organized a one day workshop on natural photography.
Various Workshops on photography are conducted by eminent photographers during the last year.

Videography Club
Videography club creates awareness programs to students about how to operate a video camera, how to make documentary film and how to edit it.

Social Service club
Visits skill development programmes, awareness through street rally on world AIDS day, five places in Trivandrum city, conducted Blood donation camps in campus, and the students in Social service club are the volunteers of any functions or programmes conducted by MCET.
Social service club functioning under MCET National Service Scheme unit. The main objectives of NSS is Personality development through community service .The overall objective of NSS is educational and service to the community is the activity through which this objective is sought to be achieved .The activities of the year 2013 were orientation classes ,experience sharing by NACT members ,group discussions on socially relevant topics ,donated study materials in two Govt L.P Schools, library enhancement in schools ,adopted village visit, donation of story books , and toys to Anganwadi kids, Organization

Events @ MCET
  • Indoor basketball court and gym Inaguration
  • MCET’s World education day rally at Anad
  • Secretary, Madam Rani Mohandas Inaugurating zero gravity 2015
  • A Snap from inaugural ceremony of Illiminati’14
  • Shri. G. Mohandas, Chairman MCET presenting colloquium proceedings to Dr.Achuthsankar.S Nair
  • Students performing a patriotic dance on Arts day celebrations
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