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We believe that facilitating the recruitment process is as significant as opening the door to the students into the college. The college has a Career Guidance and Placement Cell (CGPC) functioning actively. The CGPC is headed by a Professor who coordinates all the activities under CGPC. Training Cell, Placement Cell and Entrepreneurship Development Cell are functioning under CGPC. The CGPC activities are coordinated by an Executive Committee headed by the Principal and consisting of Placement coordinator, Staff members (representing each department) and student representatives (one student representing each branch). Training and Placement Cell is an integral part of the Institute. The Institute has provided complete infrastructure for effective functioning of the Cell. Training activities are organized throughout the year in an effort towards preparing the prospective students for the campus selection programmes. The Cell invites various industries and reputed firms for campus recruitment. The Cell is sensitized to function all through the year towards generating placement and training opportunities for the students. The CGPC is committed to provide all possible support to its students in their efforts to find employment. The activity of CGPC starts with the preparation of the data bank of fifth semester students which will be updated thereafter. The detailed brochure of the institution prepared by CGPC is sent to reputed companies inviting them to the college for campus recruitment. The method of recruitment will be decided on receiving the suggestion from the respective companies, whether to host a combined recruitment drive or to organize the recruitment exclusively for MCET. Depending on the eligibility criteria listed out by the company, students are shortlisted from the MCET student data bank. The arrangements associated with the recruitment like venue arrangement, student registration, food, accommodation, transportation, conduct of tests, invigilation, valuation etc are done by the executive committee members assisted by student representatives and MCET staff. CGPC Auditorium (300 seat capacity), Hall (100 seat capacity) and Conference Hall are available.

backtocollege                                                     CGPC Auditorium (300 seat capacity)            

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       CGPC Hall (100 seat capacity)                                        CGPC Conference Hall

List of candidates selected via on/off campus placements (2014) List of candidates selected from TCS recruitment

Year No. of Placements
2006 134
2007 132
2008 134
2009 127
2010 91
2011 172
2012 120
2013 40
2014 123
2015 91
2016 155
2017 108

Placement Details

Name of Company   2017           2016            2015         2014
TCS    11                 41               20               17
IBS    3                   3                  3                 7
WIPRO                         4                                     1
HINDUJA (HGS)                         2
HCL                        10                2                  3
VEE TECHNOLOGIES                        18                5
ZIFO   1                     1
SPERIDIAN   4                    3                 5                  5
ALLIANZ CORNHILL   1                    4                16
SUTHERLAND  10                  29
RADVIEW                          9
EVOBI AUTOMATIONS  19                  18
PIVOT SYSTEMS                          1
CRIAMOS ENGINEERING                          1
ASSURETECH                          8                                  6
OMNEX                                             11
IPSR                                             12
NAVIGANT                                              2
HAGES BUSINESS SOLUTIONS                                              3
MORRIS CONSULTANY                          1                  2
FACE ACADEMY                                              3
UST GLOBAL                                              1
OBO BETTERMANN                                              1
REVENUEMED                                                               25
ACEWARE TECHNOLOGIES                                                               13
CTS                                                                 6
FEDERAL BANK                                                                 7
SOUTH INDIAN BANK                                                                 3
ARIES MARINE                                                                 5
NEOLOGIX                                                                 5
SUNTEC                                                                 4
TATA ELXSI                          1                                     7
ICICI BANK                                                                 1
ACCENTURE                                                                 1
TRIASSIC SOLUTIONS LTD                                                                 1
Allsec  6
Bluefish Communications  1
UNO Technologies Pvt. LTD  3
Webyfy  9
Compassites Software Solutions  1
7A Solutions  4
AOT Technologies  1
Pragmatix  2
Conscience Business Solutions  1
Cera Chem  4
South Park Motors  27
OTHERS                           2                 5               6
TOTAL 108                  156              91           123


Contact Persons:

Career Guidance and Placement Officer

Prof.Tomy Thomas
Mob:9495111846 Fax. +91 472 2814575


Placement Officer:

Prof.Sreeja K 
Dept of MCA
Ph : 9895666920 Fax. +91 472 2814575


Events @ MCET
  • Indoor basketball court and gym Inaguration
  • MCET’s World education day rally at Anad
  • Secretary, Madam Rani Mohandas Inaugurating zero gravity 2015
  • A Snap from inaugural ceremony of Illiminati’14
  • Shri. G. Mohandas, Chairman MCET presenting colloquium proceedings to Dr.Achuthsankar.S Nair
  • Students performing a patriotic dance on Arts day celebrations
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