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Best projects of Electrical Department

The project “Hybrid micro level power generation system using CUK specific converter to reduce dependence on the main grid” has won several Prizes at contests including District and State Level Open Project Competition. This project was done by Meenu.P.Mohan, Revathy. J .R, Rubin Philip John, Sankar.C, Sudheesh M from the Eight Semester of 2013 batch – Guided by Mahesh. M

Our students have developed an automated wheel-chair for patients suffering from severe paralysis. This project was done by M.S Arathy, Parvathi Balakrishnan, Sreejith Nair .C .S, Sreerag. S. R, Veena Janardhanan from the Eight Semester of 2013 batch Guided by Mr. Prabsimran Singh

Robotics has also interested and many Projects have developed Robots for socially useful functions such as enemy land remote survey, auto fire fighting, Pick and Place Robots etc.

Several projects have attempted to mitigate reasons for Load-shedding by designing and fabricating systems.

Best Projects In Electronics & Communication

The department emphasizes the need to link proper selection of final year projects and seminars with the aptitude and future plans of the students. The students take up projects in groups based on the knowledge gained from their courses and develop and complete an engineering project as a team

Here are some of the excellent projects done by the students:

Wall Climbing Robot ( Project done by Akhil G Ravi, Sanju N Raju, Gauri Bala R, Vijitha Sharma during their final semester guided by Ms Amritha Mary A.S) The wall climbing robot is required for cleaning outer walls of high rise buildings, construction work, inspection of storage tanks in nuclear power and all such areas where direct human interventions can be fatal. This project was presented in the international conference on Intelligent systems modeling and simulation organized by ISMS 2013, Bangkok, Thailand

Robotic arm with the help of HAPTIC technology (Project done by Anoop Nath R,Ramanadhan R, Subin S B, Neethu Gopinath, Nisha I.P  guided by Mr Aravind sekhar.) Haptic arm technology or haptics is a tactile feedback technology which takes advantage of the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations or motions to the user. This mechanical stimulation can be used to assist in the creation of virtual objects in a computer simulation, to control such virtual objects and to ensure the remote control of machines and devices.

Multilevel inverter using pulse width modulation (Project done by Anoop A.K,Nithin Krishnan Sreejitha S.G,Sruthy M.V and guided by Ms Divya H) Multilevel inverter as compared to other single level inverters has advantages like minimum harmonic distortion reduced EMI/RFI generation and can operate on several voltage levels

Tele-operated multipurpose Rover (Project dome by Gopika B.S, Haripriya P Nair,Mahesh m.G,Vishnu V P and Guided by Mr Aravind Sekhar.) The rover is designed to follow the control commands which are transmitted as DTMF signals by the user. It is used for surveillance, spy work, weather inspection, aftermath analysis of disasters, in bio-hazardous areas, fault detection in gas pipelines etc.

Automatic parallel parking mechanism, (Project done by Jonny Paul, Krishna Prasad.K, Neethu .P, Praveena PC by guide : Amritha Mary A.S. )This an automated parking system. When the car has identified a space, the car checks to see whether that space is large enough to park in. If it determines that there is sufficient space, the car will begin parallel parking into that space. It uses information from sensors placed on the front, right, and rear of the car to direct the car into the parking space. Once the car was parked, it will remain in that position until it is reset.

Best projects of Computer Science

Ms.Devu Madhu, Asst. Professor in CSE department guided a project titled “PC Controlled wireless Robotic Arm” done by the students Aravind.B.G, Arjun.Y, Rohit.R, Vishnu.S.J of S8 CSE 2008-2012 batch on March,2012. This is an advanced version of a pick n place robot with color detection and obstacle detection.

Mrs.Nishadha S G, Asst. Professor in CSE department guided a project titled ”A model for Automated vehicle” which was done by the students Akhilesh Sreelayam, Al-Jaseem A J, Jobin S Kumar, Rakesh K, Vaisakh A L of 2009-2013 CSE batch for their final semester project. This proposes a design of path tracing intelligent vehicle which traces the path, detects the sign

Best projects in Mechanical Department

REVERSE ROLLING ARRESTER by  Achu S, Akhil Varma, Arun Karthik, Sreerej S Mohan of 2012 batch pass out designed to replace Hand brakes in modern automobiles.

MULTIPURPOSE ESCALADDER by Arun Mohan, Karthik Satheesh, Manu Thampi, R Arjun, Tharun Divakaran is a working model which comprises and consolidates the advantages and principles of an escalator and a stepped ladder. It is a modified form of a stepped ladder equipped with a motor, working with the principle of an escalator. The components used are a reduction gear motor, chain-sprocket drives, a wooden platform and mild steel framework.

STEER BY WIRE SYSTEM WITH ADAPTIVE HEADLIGHTS by SIDHARTH M, SREERAG M S, SUBUHAN SHAFI, VISHNU M UNNI, VISHNUSANKAR M S. of 2013 batch. The aim of steer-by-wire technology is to completely do away with as many mechanical components (steering shaft, column, gear reduction mechanism, etc.) as possible. Completely replacing conventional steering system with steer-by-wire holds several advantages, such as: The absence of steering column simplifies the car interior design.

Track Based Stair Climbing Wheelchair by Anand Krishnan.O.K, Ananthjith.P, Ananthu Sivan, Bijudev.V, Deviprakash.K.J of 2013 batch deals with the development of a wheelchair mechanism based on track system

Automatic Bar Feeding mechanism for Power Hacksaw by Pradeep Suresh.V, Ranjith. N, Sachin Sasidharan, Satheesh Chandran, Sivaprasad. S of 2013 batch

Best Projects in BT

The project “Purification of Surface Water using Designed Aerobic Treatment Plant” done by Anjitha Venugopal, Arya Murali A, Greeshma G A, Raghul Reghunath of 8th semester in the year 2013 guided by Mr Ullas Krishnan J N has been successfully carried out by final year students of department. This project model was taken for demonstration for state level competitions in various colleges and had won prizes.

The project “Callus culture, regeneration and analysis of Bacoside content of Bacopa monnieri L.” done by Aromal R., Athira P. S.,Bibindas K.S. and Gayathri S. Raj guided by Ms Sumarani. G.O. of 8th semester in the year 2013 has shown the application of plant tissue culture in lab scale under specified environmental condition



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