Mohandas College of Engineering & Technology

REVERSE ROLLING ARRESTER by  Achu S, Akhil Varma, Arun Karthik, Sreerej S Mohan of 2012 batch pass out designed to replace Hand brakes in modern automobiles.

MULTIPURPOSE ESCALADDER by Arun Mohan, Karthik Satheesh, Manu Thampi, R Arjun, Tharun Divakaran is a working model which comprises and consolidates the advantages and principles of an escalator and a stepped ladder. It is a modified form of a stepped ladder equipped with a motor, working with the principle of an escalator. The components used are a reduction gear motor, chain-sprocket drives, a wooden platform and mild steel framework.
STEER BY WIRE SYSTEM WITH ADAPTIVE HEADLIGHTS by SIDHARTH M, SREERAG M S, SUBUHAN SHAFI, VISHNU M UNNI, VISHNUSANKAR M S. of 2013 batch. The aim of steer-by-wire technology is to completely do away with as many mechanical components (steering shaft, column, gear reduction mechanism, etc.) as possible. Completely replacing conventional steering system with steer-by-wire holds several advantages, such as: The absence of steering column simplifies the car interior design.
Track Based Stair Climbing Wheelchair by Anand Krishnan.O.K, Ananthjith.P, Ananthu Sivan, Bijudev.V, Deviprakash.K.J of 2013 batch deals with the development of a wheelchair mechanism based on track system
Automatic Bar Feeding mechanism for Power Hacksaw by Pradeep Suresh.V, Ranjith. N, Sachin Sasidharan, Satheesh Chandran, Sivaprasad. S of 2013 batch

Events @ MCET
  • Indoor basketball court and gym Inaguration
  • MCET’s World education day rally at Anad
  • Secretary, Madam Rani Mohandas Inaugurating zero gravity 2015
  • A Snap from inaugural ceremony of Illiminati’14
  • Shri. G. Mohandas, Chairman MCET presenting colloquium proceedings to Dr.Achuthsankar.S Nair
  • Students performing a patriotic dance on Arts day celebrations
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